Nuru massage or fulfillment of men’s fantasies

Massage technique

In addition, this Japanese technique allows both partners to receive very strong erotic emotions. Usually a session of such a massage is remembered by men for a lifetime.

For nuru erotic massage, the partners must be completely naked.

  1. In this erotic technique the hands of the masseuse are not used much, mainly the breasts, abdomen and buttocks of the beauty are used. At the same time she must have a catlike grace and have a flexible body. Such movements are easily obtained by girls who are engaged in dancing or yoga.
  2. The beauty rubs her breasts and belly on the man’s back, on his buttocks, on the back surface of his thighs. Then she sits on his lower back and rubs her crotch, gradually going down to his legs. After that, the beautiful masteress sits on the man’s butt and leans forward to stretch his calves with her forearms.
  3. On the man’s genitals the masseuse increases the pace of her slides and he has an orgasm. By this point, the partner is already so aroused that the girl doesn’t even need to help him with her hands. Touching her belly, buttocks or breasts is enough.


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