Nuru massage in Thailand is the key to a healthy and strong body

The technique of nuru-massage

The technique of performing nuru massage is completely different from the traditional erotic massage. You just imagine in your mind this picture: a beautiful slender masseuse slowly and accurately apply a transparent gel nuru on her body, spreading it evenly with her palms and fingers. After that the young girl’s skin becomes glossy, wet and soft as silk, making the sensations during the massage even more pleasant. In addition, the complete absence of gel smell does not distract the client’s attention from the portion of vivid sensations. The smooth slides of the naked body of the girl on the visitor’s body can inflame the fervor and excite, give inexpressible sensations and open all the corners of consciousness. Powerful sexual energy of the masseuse, her professional approach can bring the client to the top of a fabulous pleasure.

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