Nuru massage-experience the sweetest sensations

How Nuru massage is done

So, how is this kind of sensual massage done?

  1. First a light shower to wash the sweat and dust off your body.
  2. Now you can lie down on the bed, covered with waterproof film.
  3. The gel is applied to the back, shoulders and buttocks and distributed by intense massage with your hands.
  4. The fingers of the masseuse seem to slip casually over the erogenous zones.
  5. Her strong hands are replaced by tender breasts with elastic nipples, a soft ass…
  6. Finally, the girl lies completely on top and wriggles, sliding over the client’s body.

You want to rock endlessly on the waves of eroticism, but it’s impossible to postpone the finish. Anticipating the orgasm, the masseuse of our escort agency in Silicon Valley helps the client “fly away”, experiencing the sweetest sensations.



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