Massage that comes from the land of the rising sun- japanese massage

Benefits and subtleties of Japanese massage

Japanese massage, a massage for men, usually lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. It is unlikely that any man will endure more. After all, it is a stimulating technique, which means that you will want to move on to more action and a more intense caressing. It is worth remembering that the rules of the massage room penetration is prohibited, that is, there will be no sex in any case. But this does not limit our guests, because the girls of our salon know how to please a man in other ways.

Now imagine how the kisses of the gentle wet lips of the masseuse will envelop your body. Again and again, all over your body: on your chest, on your neck, on your back, on your thighs… We’re sure you’ll want this pleasure to last forever!


The cost depends on the type and duration of the offer. You can get answers to questions about prices and features of this or that service by calling the salon.

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