Japanese massage- types and features of the technique

There are several types of Japanese massage

Japanese massage gives unforgettable pleasure regardless of the chosen technique. Nowadays there are several types of such massage:

  1. Nuru – a naked girl slides her breasts and ass over a man, on which a special seaweed gel is applied beforehand. All movements of the performer are soft, gentle and sensual.
  2. “Sakura massage” – the young geisha kisses the guy’s skin with her juicy lips, licks him with her tongue, warms him with her breath, then cools him with a piece of ice. At the end, the beauty kisses her guest passionately again, bringing him to relaxation.
  3. Oil massage is a technique using a lot of oil, the body is actively caressed with the palms and fingers, stroking, kneading, rubbing of different intensity is used.
  4. Shiatsu is a finger massage, pressing of different intensity on vital points of the body. The masseuse works on all areas, from the head to the feet.
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