Japanese massage or subtle sensual pleasure

Japanese-style technique

Japanese massage was invented by geishas in the imperial palaces. You can not argue with the fact that they knew a lot about seduction. This technique is the embodiment of sensuality. It helps to feel the whole body as an erogenous zone and fill it with energy. As a result, you will find yourself ready for new sexual achievements and feel the joys of life.


  1. Massages the head and neck – does it slowly, sensually and tenderly, such movements relieve stress and fatigue;
  2. Stimulates the entire body: she gently rubs aromatic oil into the guy’s skin, kneads his shoulders, back, sacrum, and buttocks;
  3. caresses erogenous zones: stroking and kneading his neck, breasts and nipples, abdomen, man’s dignity, inner thighs;
  4. massaging feet and legs with oil rubbing – this technique will relieve tension and bring the excited body back to normal.
  5. Between the masseuse and her client during the session the spiritual and bodily contact is established. She understands her guest from one look, from one breath, she sees when it is necessary to give a “fire”, and when to give tenderness and caress.
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