Four hands massage or the royal massage

The massage program

The massage program begins with relaxing massage movements, which gradually move to the erogenous zones. Two girls can achieve complete relaxation and liberation of the client much faster.


  1. During the massage session no part of the client’s body is left without caressing and tender attention of the masseuses.
  2. A unique feature of this program is the possibility of keeping several erogenous zones stimulated at the same time. This provides the strongest sexual tension and an amazing orgasm.
  3. Eromassage from two masseuses is a program that can amaze even unsatisfied clients who have already tried other services and now want something more.
  4. The two masseuses will use the whole arsenal of their skills during the entire program so the client doesn’t lose the sexual arousal for a second. It will only increase, because the caresses from the beginning of the session until the client reaches orgasm become more and more frank and daring.


Four-handed massage is the dream of every man, because it allows you to feel the center of attention. And a session with two girls is a maximum of pleasure.

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