Ecstasy from Nuru massage is the most desirable thing that can happen to your body

Want to imagine how good a nuru-massage session is?

Then we will reveal the secret of the technique:

  1. The guest is laid on a special mattress, which does not slip on the floor during the session. Any clothing is superfluous, so you should get rid of it for the duration of the session: both the guest and the masseuse.
  2. At first the guest lies down on the mattress with his back to the girl so that she can start sliding her charms over her. Such a position is necessary to achieve a deeper relaxation, to create excitement and to tune in to a wave of tranquility.
  3. The main zest of this technique is that every centimeter of the massaged will be subjected to bringing to the state of goosebumps. The masseuse, gently kneading her guest’s body, charges him with her sexual energy, which helps to experience more intense intimate sensations.

Next comes the most vivid and memorable part – turning over on the back so the masseuse can work on the abdominal area. The groin area will also undergo a special soapy treatment

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