10 techniques of erotic massage

Erotic massage is the use of massage techniques by one person on another person’s erogenous zones for their sexual pleasure. The process may achieve or enhance the recipient’s sexual excitation or arousal and achieve orgasm.  Erotic massage is a special type of massage aimed at increasing sexual libido, strengthening sexual union between partners.

A magnificent and luxurious erotic massage opens the door to new dimensions of sensuality.

Erotic massage to make him satisfied and happy

Our beautiful masseuses, who have amazing massage skills, will gladly give you the pleasure and make you satisfied and happy with the help of Swedish massage.

Your boyfriend constantly feels tired, he is not happy about much. As soon as you touch his shoulder, you feel a strong tension, as if steel ropes are stretched under his skin. How can I help him relax? Take the situation into your own hands. Think about how to give an erotic massage to your man. Your partner will see you in a new light. You will appear to him as a passionate, unusual, unknown, who knows how to control her body and give his body an unforgettable pleasure.

How to make an erotic massage for a man: preparation

How to properly do erotic massage for a man? Start by making sure that he not only takes the right body position, but also that in the room where you are alone, there is an appropriate intimate atmosphere. So, the man should lie on his stomach. Pay attention so that the penis does not interfere with him, and the body is completelyrelaxed.

During the massage, it is necessary to constantly contact the man: always touch him with any part of the body, even with your knee or elbow.

Start by synchronizing your breathing. Put your hand on the man’s back, in the area between the shoulder blades. Breathe evenly and deeply, in time with your partner. Next, start slowly stroking with one finger, going down from the shoulders to the feet.

10 techniques of erotic massage:

  1. Massaging your feet

The technique of erotic massage involves working with different parts of the body. Including with the legs. The feet are one of the most sensitive areas on the human body, with a large number of nerve endings concentrated in them.

  1. The”Kitty” technique

Erotic massage techniques use bottom-up movements. And after you’ve massaged his feet, it’s time to move on to other parts of the body. We go up from the bottom, holding the chest on the body of a man. We put our palms along it, slowly with a deflection we rise up.

  1. Hot Spot technique

Going up the body, remember how to properly do erotic massage for a man. Your next point on his body is the lumbar region. In the sacrum there are many nerve endings, the stimulation of which contributes to active blood circulation in the pelvic organs — this is important for an erection. We massage the sacrococcygeal region with our hand first clockwise, and then counterclockwise.

  1. Massaging the buttocks

The technique of erotic massage requires you to pay special attention to the”fifth point”. The buttocks are incredibly sensitive to gentle touches and stroking. Do not spare the massage oil, let your fingers slide over his body. With the elbow part of the hand, we draw a square along the buttocks, stimulating the nerve endings that surround the prostate area.

  1. Back

Place your forearm on your spine so that your elbow is just above your buttocks. Push the hand of the working hand against the other hand to fix the forearm. Run your forearm along one side of the spine to the upper edge of the shoulder, pressing lightly.

  1. Stretching your back diagonally as you exhale

This movement will allow the back muscles to finally relax. One hand on the shoulder blade, the other-diagonally on the base of the buttocks. Then we change our hands to the opposite diagonal. Make sure that the stretching is carried out on the exhalation. Heavy movement performed while inhaling can lead to muscle clamping.

  1. The final phase of the massage of the back surface of the body

One hand goes along the lower back over the shoulder and along the entire length of the arm, the other-from the lower back along the opposite leg, as far as the length of the arm is enough. At the same time, the palms almost do not touch the skin, but go along the hairs. You can let your hair down and just touch them to the groin area. Finally, we run our palms up the spinal column and down the arms.

  1. Hand massage

First, we iron the entire length with soft palms. Erotic massage, which is done by a girl, allows a man to see her face, body, figure. When he receives pleasant bodily pleasures, he wants to return the favor. Finger and hand massage is one of the most sensual parts of the treatment.

  1. We go down below

With stroking movements, we go down from the chest, make circular movements with the palms on the stomach, while not touching the penis. We go down near the feet, stretch the socks with pressing movements from ourselves, then to ourselves. Kneeling on the side of the partner, we place the ribs of our palms in the middle of the chest and lead them away from us along the ribs in a smooth squeezing motion. One hand replaces the other. The technique of erotic massage at this stage avoids contact with the genitals, no matter how much the partners do not want it.

  1. Massaging your head

The head lies on one palm, and with the fingers of the second hand, draw spirals from the top of the head with indenting movements. It is worth paying special attention to the back of the neck and temples, these areas need to relieve tension.







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