Erotic lingam massage

Lingam massage is a practice that truly honors the penis and those who have them. We do it to give them pleasure. In lingam massage the girl touches the penis with the palm of her hand or only with her fingers, strokes it, squeezes it, rubs it. The goal is to almost bring a man to orgasm.

A magnificent and luxurious erotic massage opens the door to new dimensions of sensuality.

Lingam massage to increase sexual life

The girl touches the penis with the palm of her hand or only with her fingers, strokes it,
squeezes it, rubs it. The goal is to almost bring a man to orgasm, but slow down at the last moment and not allow him to ejaculate.

What is lingam massage?

Lingam massage, in fact, is not quite an ordinary masturbation. The girl touches the penis with the palm of her hand or only with her fingers, strokes it, squeezes it, rubs it. The goal is to almost bring a man to orgasm, but slow down at the last moment and not allow him to ejaculate.

To enhance the sensations, it is recommended to caress not only the penis,but also the perineum, testicles and even the male G-spot-the prostate.

Fans of tantric practices believe that lingam massage is necessary from time to time for both men and women.

What does a man get?

First of all, pleasure. The main male task during the massage is to relax and enjoy the process.

It is assumed that if a man is completely immersed in his feelings, the procedure will turn for him into waves of numerous orgasms rolling in one after another. And the final one, when the ejaculation still occurs, will be more intense and prolonged than during normal sexual intercourse.

In addition, lingam massage will teach you to better feel your own body, manage sexual desires, and control ejaculation. That is, with proper practice, multiple orgasms can be obtained during normal sex.

What does a woman get?

From a tantric point of view, when a girl gives a man pleasure by massaging his penis, she herself is filled with sexual energy. БThanks to the massage, the girl gets to know the penis more closely. The penis ceases to be something shameful and forbidden for her, and men’s reactions to touching the main erogenous zone become more understandable.

How to do lingam massage?

Tantric sex, which includes lingam massage, is a meditative procedure that does not tolerate haste or impromptu. You need to prepare for it. And conduct it according to important rules.

  1. Create an atmosphere

Dim the lights — the lighting in the room should be soft and comfortable. Turn on soft, relaxing music. You can light scented candles.

  1. Prepare the massage oil

Ideally, if both partners like the aroma of the oil. It will fix tantric sex in your memory.

  1. Pay attention to your breathing

It is important to synchronize it with your partner’s breathing. Try to both breathe slowly, steadily, feeling how much energy you are getting on the inhale and how much pleasure you are exhaling.

  1. Start your massage from afar

Rub and warm the oil in your hands. Start massaging your thighs, stomach, and chest (including your nipples). Move your hands slowly and gently. This will allow the man to relax and tune in to the wave of future pleasures.

  1. Caress the areas around the penis

Without touching the penis itself, gently and gently massage the perineum and scrotum.

  1. Move from the bottom up

Go to массажу the lingam massage only after you notice that the penis is hardening. Wrap the fingers of one or both hands around it (the massage leaves room for self-activity) and slowly move up, gently kneading, caressing every millimeter of the penis shaft.

  1. Don’t let your partner ejaculate right now

If you notice that it is ready, remove your hands for a few seconds or slow down the speed of movement. Ejaculation is a pleasure for the final massage.

  1. Don’t forget about prostate massage

To do this, you will need a water-based lubricant. Apply it on the tip of your finger and insert it into the anus to a depth of about 5 cm.

The prostate is located closer to the pubis. This gland feels like a rounded bulge the size of a walnut. Massage it with your finger gently and gently and be prepared to stop the process if the man becomes uncomfortable.

  1. Allow a man to ejaculate

How long the massage will last depends only on both of you: your mood and desires. Ideally, if it takes at least half an hour.







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