Body-to body massage

What happens if you combine bodymassage and sex? An incredible erotic explosion of pleasant sensations and sexual ecstasy, which can be felt if you contact our salon in Milpitas.
A magnificent and luxurious erotic massage opens the door to new dimensions of sensuality.

Body-to-body massage to give you a delightful pleasure

Our girls are real sorceress who immerse you in a fairy tale in which you will be the main character. As a true sorceresses, they will make any of your fantasies come true thanks to their beautiful figure and incredible skills.

Bodymassage and sex are considered very pleasant activities. And they can be combined with each other. What will be the result? An incredible erotic explosion of pleasant sensations and sexual ecstasy. Try it in our salon or with your partner. Below we will tell you how to make a wonderful body massage.

There are some simple rules of erotic massage, observing which a couple can get maximum pleasure from bodymassage and from what follows it. Get ready to work not only with your hands, but also with your hips, and even with your chest.

What is bodymassage?

This is a special massage technique, in which the “client” is actually kneaded not only with his hands. During this technique ,the “specialist” has to work with the whole body, massaging his client’s stomach, thighs, chest, face. The technique of bodymassage is considered one of the simplest types of erotic massage.

Step # 1: Prepare the site

For a body-to-body massage, you will need quite a lot of space. Erotic bodymassage assumes that it will be a spacious area that meets certainrequirements.

Erotic bodymassage is a relaxing treatment full of sensuality and pleasure.  If during the massage you will think about how to wash everything after your experiments, then you simply will not be able to relax. Or even worse, you will be constrained in your movements, trying not to let the oil drip anywhere. The best option is to sit on the floor.

Step # 2: Atmosphere

Body-body massage is a whole erotic art. This is a story not only about tactile sensations and stimulation of erogenous zones, but also about exotic experiences. Bodymassage can be done in low light, with scented candles burning.

Step # 3: Butter

As you might have guessed from the name, body-body massage is the sliding of your body over the body of your partner. And for this you need a large amount of oil. If you and your partner decide to try an erotic massage, then the oil should be light, fragrant, and pleasant. When choosing an oil, there are several important points.

The oil must be special, that is, suitable for contact with the genitals. The fact is that during the massage you will be in contact with the whole body with the body of a man. Common oils can cause silt allergiesand irritation in intimate areas.

Step # 4: Technicians

How to do a bodymassage? Don’t neglect a few simple rules. Before you start the most piquant, you need to relax your partner. To do this, give him a small relaxationmassage. Here you can apply the technique of “Palm leaves”: long, dense stroking hands go over the entire body of the partner. Pay special attention to his feet.

КWhen a girl gives a bodymassage to her boyfriend, he gets great pleasure from touching different sensitive points, and the feet are no exception. Foot massage activates sexual energy. Smooth the foot from the heel to the toes. Pressing the center of the palm (a more intense version — with the knuckles of the fist), walk along the foot.

Erotic show

Body-body massage is not only pleasant, but also beautiful. Apply the massage oil to yourself with slow and plastic movements. Raise the bottle of oil above you and gently pour it in a small trickle on your chest, all over your body, and then on your partner.  Bodymassage with a continuation involves bright and sensual sex with a lot of pleasant sensations.

Rules and techniques of bodymassage

The beginning of bodymassage involves relaxation. Massage is done using the chest, abdomen, genitals, buttocks and face. During the massage, you need to slide on the partner’s body. You can touch it lightly, or you can touch it more intensely-it depends on how ready your hands are for such weight regulation.

During sliding, some of the weight will be transferred to them. Therefore, it is very important to calculate your strength during an erotic massage, so that at the most piquant moment you do not collapse on your partner.

So, the partner is lying on his stomach, how to start a bodymassage? Start doing a breast massage. Slide along your partner’s body, drawing shapes or letters.

The “Letter T” technique

Lower your breasts to the small of your partner’s back during an erotic massage, and then ride her on the lower back, then up to the shoulder blades and down to the knee. And go back along that trajectory.

When you’ve already adjusted, it’s time to move on to more piquant and challenging levels to learn how to do a bodymassage using this technique: gliding over your partner’s Iago with your fingers, groin, stomach, and face.

The”Wish Track” technique

Slide up and down (from your heels to the small of your back), alternately touching your partner’s face, chest, stomach, and groin.  Another variation of this technique: slide your cleavage between your breasts on the penis, and then press your genitals against the penis and simulate frictions. This erotic massage will excite your partner.







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