Erotic massage is a desirable and irreplaceable element of the love game for men and women. At the Name Spa in Sunnyvale, it is included in each of the programs and is available at any time of the day or night. But what is the best time to choose for yourself?

Come to us!

If your life is full of stress and sad events, then we have the perfect solution for you. Our erotic massage salon is a place where you want to return again and again. Everything is done here to make you feel “at home” and even better. After all, a professional master of erotic massage in the face of a pretty, sensual girl is hardly waiting for you at home!

Benefits of massage

Since ancient times, erotic massage has been considered the best way to relax while receiving pleasure. The masters of this art in our salon are constantly trained to delight our clients, performing massages of various types. But after all, erotic massage is not only pleasure, but also a significant contribution to your health. By increasing the flow of blood to various parts of the body, it is possible to improve the overall circulation of blood in the human body, as well as contribute to its cure from various diseases.

Also the main benefits of our massages are:

  1. Increasing relaxation

  2. Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension

  3. Improving circulation, energy and alertness

  4. Lowering heart rate and blood pressure

  5. Improving immune function

  6. Massages are widely used as an effective alternative, main or complementary remedy for the treatment of many diseases of the human body and soul. Massages can help you cope with your illness without pills or injections. Massages are certain to help you out where other medical methods do not work!

  7. The long-term effects of stress can take emotional and physical tolls. Massage therapy may relieve stress and conditions associated with it, such as tension headaches.

  8. Medical research indicates that massage therapy can help boost immune system strength by increasing the activity level of the body’s natural “killer T cells,” which fight off viruses.

  9. And of course, many people use massages today as a great way to fill their lives with positive emotions and sweet sensations as well as to try something new, interesting and extraordinary.

We are waiting for you!

Our salon offers all guests a list of a huge number of services, one way or another related to this area: from classical massage to nuru massage and from sakura massage to prostate massage. Each of these massages are really sensual, wonderful forms of pleasure. This is a great way to make the soul and body relax and get real pleasure from the sensual touches of beautiful girls’ bodies.

Our massage studio is always ready to pleasantly surprise you with its comfort, and our staff will always give you the warmest welcome. If you ever undergo an erotic massage procedure with us, you will definitely become one of our regular guests later.

Trust us – no one will refuse such pleasure that we offer you. In addition, in the modern world, people constantly accumulate stress in themselves, while our masseuses will help you instantly relieve it, feeling in return complete peace and detachment from everyday worries and problems.

Moreover, each of our guests before the next session can choose a massage girl himself. Of course, the general list of our services is far from limited to this list. Under the gentle experienced hands of our masseuses, you can relax and forget about everything, whether it be everyday worries, problems at work or just minor troubles. Here you can feel like a real sultan, who can command the bodies and souls of his subjects. It is impossible not to mention the atmosphere that our employees can create for you. If you taste it at least once, then after that you will not be able to forget these sensations.

In the event that you have any questions regarding our erotic massage salon or the services that we offer you, you can contact us at any time using the phone. Our administrators will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you. We offer our guests the highest level of service at affordable prices.

Why us?
Can there be anything more precious than a man’s health, his peace and the possibility of complete relaxation? Massage will help you get it to the fullest. Erotic massage is exactly the pleasure that you deserve, but we, in turn, will be happy to deliver it to you, and in the process we will help you recharge your energy potential and replenish your strength. If you want to order a massage, then we can say with confidence that our salon will not only give you incredible pleasure, but will also delight you with the following additional benefits:
  1. Our massage salon has been successfully operating in the massage services market for many years. The quality of our services is our priority.

  2. We offer our customers a wide range of different massages, from classical to nuru.

  3. All our girls are distinguished by their beautiful appearance and amazing body.

  4. All our girls are highly qualified, applying all the necessary techniques correctly and taking into account all the features of your body.

  5. Complete privacy. We guarantee anonymity for all our guests.

  6. During the massage, we use only time-tested safe gels and aromatic oils from the world’s best manufacturers.

It turns out:

  • For loving partners, eromassage in the morning is suitable. Starting the day with tactile contacts is useful so that you can later start working calm and peaceful: then everything will burn in your hands, and no adversity will make you lose your temper. A clear head also means clear thoughts and fresh ideas, and a high-quality erotic massage gives you a boost of energy and a positive outcome of the most difficult task.

  • Those who are going on a date, you can and should stop by the SPA a couple of hours before it. Just imagine: having satisfied your desires in touch and getting an emotional release, you will be able to fully concentrate on communicating with your partner. And at the same time, you will be fully prepared to continue.

  • Finally, for those who do not receive psychological relief from intimacy and suffer from it, it is important to simply regularly use the services of professional masseuses.

But still, time is not so important: choose calmly in the morning, afternoon or evening. It is important to get your portion of enjoyment and go out of the establishment satisfied and satisfied.

The best cure for all problems: erotic massage, its differences and features

What is an erotic massage?

Erotic massage has always been popular among the stronger sex in San Jose, and in particular types such as: nuru massage, happy ending massage, Russian and four hands massage. But in recent years it has become very relevant. And this is because every day men are faced with a lot of stress. This is a difficult task at work, problems with colleagues, the responsibility for the family. To get rid of the accumulated stress and negative emotions and not to take out anger on others, you can use the services of erotic body rub in San Jose, CA.

Features of Body rub for men in San Jose, CA

The modern style of city life has a negative impact on the human body. The office workload, the endless traffic jams, all this causes a constant tension that sooner or later can lead to a nervous breakdown. Sedentary lifestyle adds to that rather gloomy picture, creating prerequisites for the occurrence of musculoskeletal system disorders, cardiovascular system and the appearance of sexual dysfunction.

The services of the erotic salon, and especially of the escort in San Jose, CA are aimed at prevention of the above mentioned ailments and help to restore normal work capacity of the organism. Even a single massage session will help you to feel toned again, to fill your muscles with energy and return to your everyday life. The beneficial effects of the adult body rub in San Jose, CA will allow you to relax for a while and forget about the eternal bustle, return harmony to your body and feel the balance of your soul.

Release of sexual energy

During a sensual massage in San Jose, CA the erogenous zones of the masseur are awakened, sensitivity of every part of the body is increased and excitement is accumulated, which desires to get out. With the help of Happy ending massage in San Jose, CA movements sexual energy, the most productive and powerful energy in the human body, is released. If this energy is not released for a long time, clamps and inner barriers appear. They lead to development of complexes and dissatisfaction with yourself and your body. After releasing the energy, one feels calm, peaceful and in harmony.

Improved physical condition

This kind of intensive and diverse movements has a positive effect on the masseur’s physical condition. Blood circulation increases greatly, work of internal organs improves, muscles become relaxed, muscle clamps are removed, skin renewal takes place. At the end of the nuru massage in San Jose, CA the body will feel rested, soft and rejuvenated for several years. Of course, this is only a part of positive changes that will affect someone who decides to experience all the charms of body rub in San Jose, CA.

Improvement of the emotional state

Russian massage in San Jose, CA will be relevant for people with constant depression, bad moods, low energy levels. Together with a rush of blood comes a thirst for life. A person relaxes, lets go of his worries and problems, and that is why after the session it seems as if life began anew. The massage is able to eliminate chronic fatigue, apathy, sleepiness, filling every cell of the body with irrepressible energy, activity and relaxation.

Strengthening your relationship with your partner

If you feel boredom and monotony in the relationship – four hands massage in San Jose, CA will be the best cure. It can bring a spicy spice that will raise the partners’ feelings and interest to a new level. Even the spouses, lived together for a long life, thanks to the erotic massage in our salon can diversify their sexual life, get new emotions and thrill. With its help, they will look at each other from a new side and lit a fading fire of love and passion.

Increase sexual desire

Increase libido and potency – this is an indisputable reason to experience all the charms of happy ending in San Jose, CA. Therefore, this procedure is indicated for middle-aged people who have problems with sexuality. It will help you feel younger and full of sexual energy. This massage is able to awaken the most secret desires of a masseur and make his blood boil more intensely in his veins. Using erotic massage as a prelude to sex will make all intimate moments the most enchanting and unforgettable.

What distinguishes the erotic massage from the others?

The key feature of the erotic massage lies in the creation of a special, unique atmosphere during the session. Everything that will happen to you during the massage is aimed at achieving maximum pleasure and enjoyment from the process. Light shade disposes to a more relaxed atmosphere, and a pleasant aroma of candles perfectly relaxes you and excites at the same time, leaving no chance for shyness to the actions of the masseuse. The effect of maximum rapprochement is achieved by the fact that during the massage, both you and the masseuse will be naked, which makes the erotic massage really like a sweet dream. Thus, you can get pleasure not only from the massage itself, but also from the unique, incomparable environment, enjoying the piquant poses and mutual touching.

In one session of erotic massage you get not just a first-class massage, but also reach the highest point of pleasure. Even the most stubborn and enduring clients never leave us unsatisfied. Our masseuses are great at their job and they perform the session in such a way that you’ll remember with pleasure the very minutes you spent in the atmosphere of total immersion into the illusion of what is happening, having given yourself to the tender hands of the master.

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For half a year I have been visiting different salons of erotic massage.
I was looking for one where not only would I get a massage, but I could also stroke the girl, massage her. That's exactly what's allowed here. And the girl massages you, and you can touch her charms. I liked it very much. I'll become a regular visitor!

convenient location
All was very clear, convenient location, thank you!

I recommend it.
The salon is spotlessly clean! The scent of the candles won me over, I recommend it.

Efficiency of the administrator
All is good, I was booked 20 minutes before the session, thank you very much for the efficiency of the administrator.

Fantastic the parlor
Had a fantastic time at the parlor, would absolutely recommend to anyone!

Sexy kind girls
Great massage, nice kind girls, thank you!

King literally from the doorstep
I would like to thank the staff of the salon, I felt like a king literally from the doorstep

Great service, thank you!
Great management and service, thank you!

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